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How is limousine the most luxurious ride?

How is limousine the most luxurious ride?

Most of us have hired limousine service for proms, parties, corporate events and weddings. But, what is the reason? Yes, the answer is obvious. Luxuries of limousine can sometimes exceed to that of normal house. And the feeling of being chauffeured around by a tuxedoed person is the fun of some different level if you care to enjoy that. But apart from that, there are other facilities that a good limousine service in Michigan can provide.

Conditioned leather

Reputed and reliable limousine company in Michigan takes special care about the passengers comfort. The leather seating is conditioned on a regular basis. Do you remember the smell of a new car? It is the same freshness that a conditioned leather seat delivers.

Mood lights

So, why did you hire a limousine for the bachelor party? One reason was to be driven by a professional chauffeur so all of your friends could enjoy the drink. If you remember the light inside of your ride during your night out, it definitely helped to set your mood.

Mini bar

A peg or two of your favorite drink will definitely help you relax. Whether you are returning from a corporate event or are celebrating a night out, you can always ask the limousine company to provide you ice for your drinks. What a luxury to be enjoying drinks while being driven in a comfortable ride. Especially if you are enjoying night out or bachelor parties, limousine’s mini bar is the best entertainment spot for your friends.

Tinted Windows

You can always enjoy the views outside from the tinted windows. The nice part is; it will keep the environment inside your limousine comforting. However you are enjoying inside of a limousine is not the concern of outsider. Tinted windows serve well for the protection of privacy.

AC & Entertainment systems

Air conditioner is a must in any limousine. Apart from that, other entertainment systems are also installed to add to your luxury. Televisions, CD/DVD players are also available if you ask for them or by default. What more can one ask for, to enjoy a few hours ride?

If you are planning a bachelor party or a prom night and other special or corporate events, we can provide you luxurious limousine service in Michigan at reasonable rates. Feel free to contact us: 734-299-0901.

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