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Guidelines for Wedding Planning

Guidelines for Wedding Planning

Your wedding is ‘the day’ that you will remember for rest of your life. However, skipping on little details can be quite troublesome and ruin this day. For example, what if your wedding cake arrives late or you spill some wine in your dress? These little things can take have catastrophic effect on your wedding. This goes the same for planning and hiring a wedding limousine too. So, take a look at the tips given below so that your wedding can go smoothly without any problem.

What is the most important part while planning a budget?

You need to put up a fixed amount of budget that you can spend on hiring a limousine service for your wedding. For this, first, you should prepare a list of details that you will require while hiring a limousine. For example, no. of passengers, no. of vehicles you want to hire, their types, date and time of arrival and departure and others.

What about transportation for the guests?

Well, it really depends on your budget. If you have enough budget for hiring a single shuttle service for all your wedding guests then you might as well do so. Generally speaking, you can hire three stretch limousines for:

  1. Bride, bridesmaids and bride’s family
  2. Groom, groomsmen and groom’s family
  3. Close relatives and friends

But hey, one will totally suffice for a nice wedding where you can your partner can have a relaxed and private time to share. Check with your limousine agency regarding the services that they provide for wedding transportation.

Is it important to get a contract?

Yes, of course! No matter what kind of service you have hired, you need to sign a “written” contract with your agency. Do not just end your agreements verbally. Furthermore, while signing your contract, make sure that all the details that you had discussed with your agency is included.

What is the typical cost for hiring a wedding limousine?

Usually a wedding rental package can be from $150 – $400 for 2 hours. However, it depends on many factors and varies according to the agencies’ policies. You can make an inquiry for our wedding rates if you want to have a concrete information about it. Make sure that you ask about the surcharges, parking charges and discount offers with our limo agency.

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